The Most Creative Proposal

A friend of mine shared an amazing proposal video on Facebook today and I wanted to share this great video with you guys. The video is called “Emily and Justin: The Proposal” and it is absolutely brilliant.

Justin, the guy who proposes, made a movie/music video for his girlfriend and I thought that it was an amazing idea! He had the help of other people and he edited the video turning out to be perfect. The video actually sounds, looks and could be a real movie. I was very amazed by the filming, writing and editing that Justin put together for his girlfriend.

This video is so interesting and moving. It will make you laugh, cry and genuinely believe in true love. Show this to your boyfriend and friends, they will probably get inspired.

I cried a lot watching it and I had so much fun with the video! Great idea and so creative! This is the most creative proposal video I have ever seen! Hope that you guys enjoy watching as much I did!

Here is the link:

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The Best Scene from the Movie “The Fighter”

I was driving back home from school when the song “I started a joke” by the Bee Gees started playing on the radio. I was very surprised to hear such an old and epic song like that one on the radio, but the first thing that popped in my mind was: a scene from the movie “The Fighter” starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg.

Every movie fan knows how good the movie “The Fighter” is, and there is one scene that I thought it was brilliant. The movie is about two brothers that fight professionally and the older brother Micky Ward, played by Christian Bale, is a crack addict. As soon as Micky leaves the crack house in the movie, his mother, played by Melissa Leo, is waiting for him outside.

The scene starts the moment he gets in the car and his mother is crying. Micky looks at his mother and starts singing the song “I started a joke” by the Bee Gees, and both of them look at each other and sing together.

I was so impressed by this scene because it was brilliant writing and acting. The lyrics of the song have everything to do with the situation and an emotional meaning for the movie.

Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for the Academy Awards and this scene definitely helped him win the award.

Click here to watch the scene:

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Red Box or Movie Theater?

Image The man observes the movies that will be available in the movies soon. Every movie theater has the movies that will play in the future for the costumes to know what’s next. Photo Credit: Natalia Eltz Soares Image The costumers buy food and drinks from the theater. They have the option to enjoy their movie with a variety of products that only the theater has to offer. Photo Credit: Natalia Eltz SoaresImage A man explores the grocery store hallway to find something to eat. The prices of chips and other products are much cheaper and accessible for the costumers. Photo Credit: Natalia Eltz SoaresImageThe woman explores the Red Box Machine at Sweetbay grocery store. An advantage of Red Box is the location, because it allows costumers to buy goods for an accessible price.  Photo Credit: Natalia Eltz Soares

A friend and I were deciding to have a movie night and then the topic came up: Red Box or Movie Theater? For some reason both of us couldn’t decided whether to rent a movie and save money or to watch a new release with some popcorn at the movie theater.

That question made me wonder what is the public’s opinion on this matter. Personally, depends on which movie I want to watch. If I’m short on cash and I want to save money, the smartest decision is to rent a movie from Red Box and buy some good at the grocery store and enjoy the night. If I want to enjoy a good movie night and if I’m willing to spend a little more money, I would go to the movies and have fun.

I think that the decision between renting a movie at Red Box or going to the movies depends if the person wants to save money or have a better experience. I am the type of person that loves the experience of going to the theater, so I decided to go the movies and I watched the amazing movie “Thor-Dark World” and I had a great time!